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ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses

The strengths and weaknesses of the ENFP personality type

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Understanding that ENFPs excel with abstract ideas and struggle with details will shine a light on your blind spots and allow you to flex your strengths to their full potential. As an ENFP, you can use the strengths you carry to fill the gaps of your weaknesses.

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Your strengths and weaknesses may become more apparent when you interact with other personality types, as the differences are contrasted.

ENFP Strengths

Natural strengths of an ENFP


The enthusiasm of an ENFP comes naturally and is infectious to those around them. It can be used to garner support for a new venture, encourage someone to pursue their dream, or rally for a cause. The enthusiasm created by the ENFP is genuine and draws the attention of all other personality types.



ENFPs have an excellent picture of the future. Seeing the full possibility in people and situations allows them to postulate grand ideas of what could be possible with today's untapped potential.


Creative Problem Solver

The ENFP is a creative problem solver. Their ever-present optimism and the ability to see potential in a situation positions them to seek and find unseen solutions to vexing problems.


Judge of Character

The ENFP usually has a great read on other people because of how easily they can empathize with another perspective. While many ENFPs can't do certain kinds of tasks, they can often find others that will be an excellent fit for the areas in which they lack.

ENFP weaknesses

Natural areas where ENFPs could develop themselves


The ENFP has difficulty sticking to overly rigid structures. Their environment can sometimes be seen by other types as organized chaos where items are strewn about in what appears to be a disorder but makes sense to the more abstract mind of the ENFP.



ENFPs dream big, and often. They derive satisfaction from conceptualizing a new idea, but not necessarily the actual execution, particularly if it would involve tedious or repetitive work.



The ENFP tends to have an overreliance on the approval of others. They are the champion of others everywhere they go, and there can be a disproportionate impact on their self-satisfaction if their efforts are not accepted or reciprocated.



Variety is the spice of life for the ENFP. As work or relationships begin to dull, the ENFP is inclined to be distracted by a new object or interest for their attention.

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As with all personality types, ENFPs' strengths and weaknesses will wax and wane over time. Steady efforts can be made to maintain focus and keep up an ENFP's determination to see large tasks through to completion. An ENFP strength could be to impart some of their enthusiasm to other types who might need the pick-me-up.


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Ellie Simmonds, MSc

University of Bath, Psychology

Ellie Simmonds, MSc in Psychology from University of Bath. Ellie is an associate lecturer on psychometric assessments and has extensive knowledge of the 16-type model.