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Enneagram 9w1 - An Overview of 'The Dreamer'

Summary of what is an Enneagram Type 9w1? illustration of the peacemaker type nine

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Type 9w1 are also known as The Dreamers. They are very similar to other nines, but resemble a remarkable amount from their fellow Type 1s. Dreamers are hardworking and friendly, but they are also more steadfast and introverted with their thoughts and behaviors. This type of Nines are known for being extremely idealistic and more serious than their Type Nine counterparts.

What is an Enneagram 9w1?

What is a Type 9 wing 1 on the Enneagram?

Dreamers are similar yet extremely different from their fellow Peacemaker Type Nines. Type 9s are commonly known for being friendly, amiable, stubborn and ambivalent. Type 9w1 are known to be more motivating than their fellow Type Nines, and they put in sufficiently more effort to help those in need. However, this can also lead to an Enneagram Type 9 wing 1 being considerably more judgmental. Peacemakers have such a large fear of conflict that they avoid difficult situations at all costs, whereas a Dreamer is more willing to go out of its way to help those who need it.

When it comes to making decisions, Type 9w1 are motivated by their gut instinct when making decisions. This allows them to create order and routine in their life, especially to avoid any opportunity or situation for negative emotions to arise. Type 9w1s are constantly striving to be better versions of themselves, which can lead them to be overly critical and never deem themselves ‘good enough’. When they are lacking awareness or judgement, they tend to lash out in anger. This particular wing type however is not afraid to confront someone if they think they are doing something ethically or morally wrong. An Enneagram Type 9 wing 1 tends to have a higher sense of right and wrong than their fellow Nines.

A 9w1 resembles many characteristics from its core Type 9, the Peacemaker, but with the influence of Type 1, they put themselves out in the world more to help more people and to be better overall, even though they are still afraid of conflict. “With influence from the one wing, a nine can feel drawn to negotiate for moralities sake.” (Doyle, Evan).

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Although Type 9s tend to be amiable and conflict averse, a 9w1 often has an outward looking viewpoint, and can be more judgmental than their core type counterparts.


Type 9 Primary Enneagram type
9w1 Type Nine with Type One wing

Healthy 9w1s are social, peaceable, and highly sociable with a tendency to resolve conflict. Their drive to deliver peace in any situation guarantees that they are skilled negotiators and diplomats.

enneagram circle with 9 points with type 9 highlighted in green and green arrow pointing to type 1
Type 9w1 Type Nine Wing One

Here are some of the key traits to a Type 9w1 personality.

  • Strive to be tolerant in their attitudes and manners.
  • Can share and understand the feelings and emotions of others.
  • Are attuned to their own personal character and feelings.
  • Accommodate new situations or conditions when needed.
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Did you know: When unhealthy and stressed, Enneagram 9w1 Types are prone to double down on their need for stability.

Type 9w1 Fears and Desires

A list of the core fears and desires of an Enneagram 9w1

Enneagram types have fears and desires - things to avoid and things to seek.


Things Enneagram 9w1 Types should avoid

Core Fear: The core fear of Type 9w1s is losing what matters to them. They also fear:

  • Conflict
  • Separation from what they love
  • Isolation or misfortune


Things Enneagram 9w1 Types should seek

Core desire: The core desire of 9w1s is peace with the mind, body and surroundings. They also desire:

  • Routine
  • Support and acceptance from others
  • Uniting opposing sides

Type 9w1 Strengths and Weaknesses

A list of the main Enneagram 9w1 strengths and weaknesses
strengths and weaknesses illustration
Every Enneagram type, even types with wings such as 9w1, has strengths and weaknesses. These are personality traits that help and others that hinder.
Info Table
Type 9w1 Strengths Type 9w1 Weaknesses
1. Agree to disagree with others, they search for compromise 1. Ignores their feelings to keep peace
2. More motivated to work and get things done instead of procrastinate 2. Become cold or aloof when stressed
3. Look at many different sides to a situation 3. Constantly striving for perfection
4. Strong work ethic 4. Neglect their own needs in order to keep peace and harmony
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Type 9 wing 1s are indubitably more open minded than their fellow Peacemakers, and this in turn makes them a lot more motivated to help others even when there is an opportunity for conflict. However, Dreamers spend so much time trying to keep peace and harmony with the world, they neglect to take care of themselves. They are constantly striving for unattainable perfection with feeling the need to always be improving on an aspect of their life.

Data: Distribution Between Core Type 9 vs Type 9w8 vs Type 9w1

Is one wing type more common than the other?

Most Type 9s do not exhibit wing traits significantly enough to say they have a wing. When this happens we say they are a 'core' Type 9. We see below that Type 9w8 is very rare.

Figure 1: Type 9 vs Type 9w8 vs Type 9w1


What this chart shows

This chart shows that 93.6% of Type 9s do not have a wing type, in other words they are 'core' Type 9s. We see that just 0.3% of Type 9s are 9w8 and 6.0% are 9w1. This shows that there is little overlap of traits between Type 9 and Type 8.

  • 1. n=27985
  • 2. Population: global
  • 3. Dataset last updated:

Enneagram Type 9 Wing 1 Career Choices

What are some of the common career choices for Enneagram 9w1 Types?

All personality types are naturally drawn to certain careers over others. Here we have compiled a list of three sectors that Enneagram 9w1 Types have a proclivity for and three that are likely to clash with a Type 9w1 personality type. Similar to their Type 9 counterparts, a Type 9w1 will thrive in careers where they are able to help other people, and potentially have the opportunity to mediate situations. They bring an optimistic yet critical view to their careers, always striving to be the best in what they do.

Career choices

  • green tick Environmental Scientist
  • green tick Museum Curator
  • green tick Counselor
  • red cross Administrative Assistant
  • red cross Banking
  • red cross Executive
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Understandably, this career list is not prescriptive. There will be many Enneagram Type 9 wing 1 careers that are successful and in the 'not recommended' sectors.

Famous People With Type 9w1

Which famous people are Enneagram 9w1 Types?

These famous individuals have the personality Type 9w1. Are you also 9w1? Do you recognize any personality similarities you can relate to?

person icon

Audrey Hepburn

British actress

person icon

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Taiwanese K-pop singer

person icon

Selena Gomez

American singer

person icon

Mariza Kjellberg

Italian fashion designer

person icon

John Mulaney

American comedian

person icon

Bob Ross

American painter and educator


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Have we missed anyone?

Our research is always ongoing so please let us know if you think we've missed a noteworthy Type 9w1 worth highlighting.


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Chloe Yarwood, MSc

University of Chichester, Advanced Applied Psychology

Chloe Yarwood, MSc in Advanced Applied Psychology from University of Chichester. Specialist in personality type theory and developing valid personality questionnaires.