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Enneagram 6w5 - Type 6 Wing 5

Summary of what is an Enneagram Type 6w5?

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Type Sixes struggle with anxiety. Type Fives seek rational explanations for the problems they face. In the Enneagram, Type Sixes are adjacent to Type Fives. Therefore, some Type Sixes share a few of the traits, motives, and fears of Type Fives. These are known as Type Sixes with a Five Wing, or Type 6w5.

What is an Enneagram 6w5?

What is a Type 6 wing 5 on the Enneagram?

Type Sixes often have complicated relationships with parents, bosses, and others who hold authority in their lives. Type Sixes who lean into their Type Five wing believe that understanding the people, systems, and structures that exert power over their lives will help them achieve autonomy and security.

Dubbed “The Defender,” this wing type is known for identifying with and championing underdog causes. Defenders believe in looking out for those who need protection against people who would take advantage of them or abuse their power. People with this personality type may become so focused on abuses of authority that their perceptions amplify and distort the degree to which authorities actually control events and situations. As a result, they may underestimate their own strengths. Many prominent politicians and social activists have been Sixes with a Five wing, and some have wielded immense political power. Although 6w5s have accomplished much when it comes to expanding rights for disadvantaged peoples, 6w5s leaders often rule with a heavy hand due to their tendency to exaggerate the strengths of those they perceive as enemies.

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Healthy 6w5s excel as thought leaders, influencers, and spokespeople for forward-thinking causes.


Type 6 Primary Enneagram type
6w5 Type Six with Type Five wing

Healthy 6w5s excel as thought leaders, influencers, and spokespeople for forward-thinking causes. These are intelligent and dedicated people who are motivated by a deep desire to protect their communities, preserve traditions, and enhance opportunities for the disadvantaged.

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Type 6w5 Type Six Wing Five

Here are some of the key traits to an Enneagram 6w5 personality.

  • Unhappy with losing their grounding
  • Think analytically and logically
  • Cerebral and diligent
  • Supportive to others and as well as seeking support for themselves
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Did you know: When unhealthy and stressed, Enneagram 6w5 Types are prone to double down on their need for security.

Type 6w5 Fears and Desires

A list of the core fears and desires of Enneagram 6w5 Types

Enneagram types have fears and desires - things to avoid and things to seek.


Things Enneagram 6w5 Types should avoid

Core fear: Type 6w5s fear losing the stability and security, particularly having to do with employment and their home lives. In particular, they fear:

  • Betrayal
  • Being used and abandoned
  • Being controlled by others


Things Enneagram 6w5 Types should seek

Core desire: Type 6w5s dream of being part of a committed group that will even out the imbalances of power that they see in society. They desire:

  • To find effective solutions for complex social issues
  • A group dynamic in which everyone looks out for the others
  • The support of others in making well-informed decisions

Type 6w5 Strengths and Weaknesses

A list of the main Enneagram 6w5 strengths and weaknesses

Every Enneagram type, even types with wings such as 6w5, has strengths and weaknesses. These are personality traits that help and others that hinder.

Info Table
Type 6w5 Strengths Type 6w5 Weaknesses
Able to see the big picture as well as focus on details May project fears and weaknesses onto others
Talent for coming up with practical solutions Tendency to become mired in scepticism and distrust
Logic and deductive reasoning Can be reactive and aggressive in response to perceived threats
Able to work independently toward long-range goals May become preoccupied with authoritarian political agendas and conspiracy theories
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Sixes with a five wing are more comfortable going it alone than are other Type Sixes. When they become too isolated, they may begin to look out at the world from behind unhealthy barricades of fear and distrust.

Data: Distribution Between Core Type 6 vs Type 6w5 vs Type 6w7

Is one wing type more common than the other?

Some Type 6s do not exhibit wing traits significantly enough to say they have a wing. When this happens we say they are a 'core' Type 6. Not all Type 6s have a wing, indeed 6w5 is very rare.

Figure 1: Type 6 vs Type 6w5 vs Type 6w7


What this chart shows

This chart shows that 88.3% of Type 6s do not have a wing type, in other words they are 'core' Type 6s. Only 1.4% of Type 6s are 6w5 and 10.3% are 6w7.

  • 1. n=27985
  • 2. Population: global
  • 3. Dataset last updated:

Type 6w5 Career Choices

What are some of the common career choices for Enneagram 6w5?

All personality types are naturally drawn to certain careers over others. Here we have compiled a list of three sectors that Enneagram 6w5 Types have a proclivity for and three that are likely to clash with a Type 6w5 personality type.

Career choices

  • green tick Attorney
  • green tick Journalist
  • green tick Political Leader
  • red cross Accountant
  • red cross Sales Professional
  • red cross Recruiter
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Understandably, this career list is not prescriptive. There will be many Enneagram Type 6w5 careers that are successful and in the 'not recommended' sectors.

Famous People With Type 6w5

Which famous people are Enneagram Type 6w5?

These famous individuals have the personality Type 6w5. Are you also 6w5? Do you recognize any personality similarities you can relate to?

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Richard Nixon

President of the United States of America from 1969-1974

person icon

Malcolm X

American human rights activist

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Theresa May

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and current Minister of Parliament.

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Tom Clancy

American novelist

person icon

Gloria Steinem

Journalist and political activist

person icon

Mel Gibson

Australian actor

person icon

Janet Reno

US Attorney General, 1993 – 2001


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Have we missed anyone?

Our research is always ongoing so please let us know if you think we've missed a noteworthy Type 6w5 worth highlighting.


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Chloe Yarwood, MSc

University of Chichester, Advanced Applied Psychology

Chloe Yarwood, MSc in Advanced Applied Psychology from University of Chichester. Specialist in personality type theory and developing valid personality questionnaires.