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ISTJ Famous People and Characters

There are many ISTJ famous people across the world. From famous ISTJ celebrities to ISTJ characters and politicians. Here we will discuss a few of them.

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ISTJ Actors

ISTJ actors leverage their superb observational abilities and detailed memories to conjure and imitate a broad range of real-life behaviours to make their characters believable. They practice each scene and line until they are confident that they will deliver a flawless performance.
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Robert De Niro

As an actor, Robert De Niro is known for being very serious about his craft and obsessing over the details until he achieves perfection, explaining in his own word that “You don't just play a part. You've got to earn the right to play it.” He is also known for seeking out constructive criticism in order to help him further hone his skills.

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's accomplishments include a Harvard degree in psychology along with an Academy Award and two Golen Globes. She served as the youngest member of the Cannes Film Festival's jury in 2008. Along with her acting and directing skills, she is known for a strong sense of social justice and devotion to her religious traditions.

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Sean Connery

Agreeable and private, Sean Connery exemplifies characteristics that he shares with his most famous character James Bond -- endurance, decisiveness, and focus.

Other mentions: Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity), Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games), Denzel Washington (Flight), Lee Min-ho, Josh Brolin (Thrashin'), and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones).

ISTJ Musicians

To develop musical skills, one must be willing and able to focus on minute details and to practice the same passages repetitively. As these are both areas in which ISTJs are right at home, ISTJs often make excellent musicians. A common misconception about ISTJs is that they lack the creativity to produce great music, but hidden beneath their calm and controlled demeaner, many ISTJs maintain a rich inner world in which they synthesize their detailed observations to create something new.
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Rivers Cuomo

As the lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and songwriter for the rock band Weezer, Rivers Cuomo's personality has been described as closer to that of an engineer than a rock star. He explains that he's very serious about his music, it's not something that he does for fun. He values consistency and enjoys coming home to his family every evening. He keeps a detailed spreadsheet of all his compositions and takes pride in finishing whatever he starts.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Described as peaceful, quiet, and even tempered most of the time, Bach was highly protective of his musical ideals and values, central to which were consistency and integrity.

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Quiet, contained, and intensely serious, Sting is known for upholding rigorous standards and maintaining strict control.

Notable mentions: Irene (Red Velvet), Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), Dave Rowntree, Raekwon, and Elissa.

ISTJ Philosophers

ISTJs who pursue philosophical questions are often looking for definitions and answers that will show the true nature of reality. They seek clarity on how to obtain wisdom, how to live well, and how to achieve peace and stability.
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Thomas Hobbes

Hobbes believed that a proper respect for power and authority was necessary to keep humanity from war. He also taught that prudence and wisdom gained through experience gave hard-working elders a deserved advantage over talented youth.

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Martin Heidegger

Heidegger's philosophy was grounded in a respect for natural order, hierarchy, and loyalty to the place in the world to which a person was born.

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Francis Fukuyama

This contemporary political philosopher has devoted his life to studying in detail what it would take to achieve economic, social, and political stability. His adherence to this central question has led him to change his stance on certain issues. Demonstrating the attention to detail characteristic of the ISTJ type, he analyzes sound recording equipment in his spare time.

Notable mentions: Cesare Beccaria, Saul Kripke, Charles Maurras, Theodor W. Adorno, Montesquieu, Rudolf Carnap, and Ludwig Andreas von Veuerbach.

ISTJ Athletes

When ISTJs go into sports, they usually choose structured games that stimulate and challenge their mental abilities. They establish step-by-step goals and follow systematic routines to develop their strength and skills. Fiercely competitive against their own records, they often maintain their abilities throughout long careers.
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Ip Man

Ip Kai-Man as he was named at birth. Ip learned the Southern Chinese style of Kung Fu often called Wing Chun. He first began training at a very young age and continued when he moved to Hong Kong. He is known for having trained other martial arts masters, like Bruce Lee. At 16, when studying at an international school in Hong Kong he dueled twice with Leung Bik and lost on both occasions, which left him embarrassed. Only some time afterwards did he return when Leung Bik was asking after him and offering Ip praise for his performance in the duels. Ip was forced to leave China for Hong Kong with his family when, in 1949, the Chinese Communist PArty came to power.

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Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Demonstrating inspirational determination, this track and field athlete followed a highly structured training program to defeat her asthma as well as her competitors. She earned three gold, one silver, and two bronze Olympic medals for the United States.

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Jack Nicklaus

Considered the greatest golfer of all time, Nicklaus methodically considers each possibility in each situation in this highly strategic game.

Notable mentions: Kawhi Leonard, Caitlyn Jenner, Manuel Neuer, Xavi Hernandez, Russel Wilson, Christian Eriksen, Derek Jeter, Toni Kroos, and Sidney Crosby.

ISTJ Fictional Characters

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Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)

This dutiful military leader is highly focused and serious about his mission. He cautiously avoids risks, combining a logical mind with extensive familiarity with the rules of war to ensure success.

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Harry Potter

Dutiful and reliable, Harry Potter is driven by a strong code of ethics (which overrides the school's rules) to fulfil his role as the Chosen One.

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Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

This Pride and Prejudice character's respect for the rules of his society make it difficult for him to act on the unsettling feelings he has for Elizabeth. He comes across as cold and inflexible until he thinks of a way to honour both his heart and his loyalty to his friends and sister.

Notable mentions: Eddard “Ned” Stark (Game of Thrones), Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol), Ross Geller (Friends), Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad), Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation), and Luther Hargreeves (Umbrella Academy).


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