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ESFP Famous People and Characters

There are many ESFP famous people across the world. From famous ESFP celebrities to ESFP characters and politicians. Here we will discuss a few of them.

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ESFP Actors

The acting world is jam-packed with ESFPs. They are also known as performers, and for good reason!
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Marilyn Monroe

An actress, socialite, and unmistakable ESFP; known for her radiant beauty and unapologetic sensuality.

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Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most famous and highest paid actresses of the 20th century, she resented the constraints on her creative expression imposed by Hollywood.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Academy Award winner, activist, and one of the most famous names in modern-day cinema.

Other mentions: Will Smith (iRobot), Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99), Cameron Diaz (The Holiday), Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls), and Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain).

ESFP Musicians

The artistic flare of ESFPs makes them excellent musicians, not just in terms of technical skill, but also in terms of popularity and likability.
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Damiano David

The lead singer of the Italian band, Måneskin, meaning 'moonlight' in Danish, has experienced a climb to stardom initially insistent to be in the band after his style at an audition was not considered the right fit for their music at the time, Damiano learned to change his style to express himself better on stage. The band began as buskers in Rome and gained popularity from their success on the Italian version of X-factor, but ultimately gaining international fame by winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Claude Debussy

A late romantic composer, adapted the standard musical theory and structure of his time, described by his early teachers as ‘desperately careless’.

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Elvis Presley

His eccentric performance style and his unparalleled aesthetic place him right up there with the most notable ESFPs in the last two centuries.

Other mentions: Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Dolly Parton.

ESFP Famous Literary Figures

ESFPs are exceptional writers, and are particularly good at writing about the multitudes of the internal world of people.
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Paulo Coelho

A famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist and an adamant advocate for spontaneous artistic expression.

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Deepak Chopra

Controversial yet influential New Age writer and advocate for alternative medicine.

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Sophie Turner

An English most famously known for her performance as Sansa Stark, the daughter of Ned Stark in the very well-known HBO TV Series, Game of Thrones. Aside from her acting role, she's a very caring, family-orientated mother who met and married Joe Jonas of the extremely popular boyband, the Jonas Brothers. Since her debut in Game of Thrones in 2011, Sophie, has since appeared with leading roles in Hollywood films.

Other mentions: Wayne Dyer, Dmitry Glukhovsky, and Bill Clinton.

ESFP Philosophers

While philosophers are known intuitionists, one would be hard-pressed to argue that there are no sensing types among them.
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David Chalmers

One of the most influential philosophers in the field of consciousness and theory of mind; lead singer of the Zombie Blues band.

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Michel Foucault

A foundational thinker in critical theory and post structuralism. Aside from his academic work, known for his hedonistic personality.

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Edmund Husserl

The father of phenomenology i.e. the systematic study of the architecture of subjective experience.

Other mentions: Aristippus of Cyrene, Gilbert Ryle, John Stuart Mill, Franz Brentano, and Sigmund Freud.

ESFP Fictional Characters

People like ESFPs and are entertained by their shenanigans. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for moviemakers and writers around the world. Although usually portrayed in a positive light, they are sometimes stereotyped as frivolous pleasure-seekers.
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Bojack Horseman

An actor in a fictional universe of anthropomorphic animals, struggling to redeem himself from his dark past; a cautionary tale for all ESFPs.

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Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)

A pair of outlandish free spirits in the magical universe of Harry Potter, known for their resilience and their naively good mood.

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Sterling Archer (Archer)

The world's most dangerous spy and a member of the most dysfunctional working place in the world. Savvy but childish, desired by everyone but liked by almost no one.

Other mentions: Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother), Peter Griffin (Family Guy), Simba (The Lion King), Thor, Meredith Palmer (The Office).


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Ellie Simmonds, MSc in Psychology from University of Bath. Ellie is an associate lecturer on psychometric assessments and has extensive knowledge of the 16-type model.