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Enneagram 9w8 - An Overview of 'The Referee'

Summary of what is an Enneagram Type 9w8?

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Enneagram 9 wing 8s are considered a unique group. Type 9w8 are also known as The Referee. Type 9s absorb a notable amount of influence from type 8 characteristics, which make them more outgoing than their fellow Peacemakers. However, it also makes them more impatient. Referees are known for being one of the more complex types because of how often their ideals clash together.

What is an Enneagram 9w8?

What is a Type 9 wing 8 on the Enneagram?

Type 9 wing 8s resemble a remarkable amount of their fellow Peacemakers, but from their influence of Type 8s, they are more confident and assertive in their decisions. They still have their extremely calm demeanor of Type 9, but they put more trust in their gut when making decisions and in turn feel the need to plan less because they know it will all work out in the end. 9w8s take their strength of yearning for connection with others from Type 9, and are still known for being spirituality seekers. This strength from Type 9 flows into Type 9w8 which makes them more assertive and direct with advising others to help them within the workplace.

With such a drastic influence from Type 8s, Referees are known to be more aggressive and stubborn through their behaviors. They are more confrontational than their fellow Type 9s which can sometimes lead them to cause conflict without having the intention to do so. Enneagram 9w8 Types still want to avoid conflict and situations they know will be bad for them. This is why they can be viewed as being extremely contradictory.

With their wing guidance, a Type 9w8 is more confident, bold, and motivating. They are still constantly searching for peace and harmony with the world, but put themselves out there more in order to achieve it. “Your wing's guidance enables you to encourage others, especially the underdogs who don't receive enough praise for their work.” (Doyle, Evan).

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Type Nines with an Eight Wing while conflict averse, are much more resilient in combating any dissonance that they may wish to resolve.


Type 9 Primary Enneagram type
9w8 Type Nine with Type Eight wing

Healthy 9w8s are social, peaceable, and highly sociable with a tendency to resolve conflict. Their drive to deliver peace in any situation guarantees that they are skilled negotiators and diplomats.

enneagram circle with 9 points with type 9 highlighted in green and green arrow pointing to type 8
Type 9w8 Type Nine Wing Eight

Here are some of the key traits to a Type 9w8 personality.

  • Strive to be tolerant in their attitudes and manners.
  • Can share and understand the feelings and emotions of others.
  • Are attuned to their own personal character and feelings.
  • Accommodate new situations or conditions when needed.
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Did you know: When unhealthy and stressed, Enneagram 9w8 Types are prone to double down on their need for stability.

Type 9w8 Fears and Desires

A list of the core fears and desires of Enneagram 9w8 Types

Enneagram types have fears and desires - things to avoid and things to seek.


Things Enneagram 9w8 Types should avoid

Core Fear: The core fear for Type 9w8s is losing those they care about.

  • Separation
  • Conflict
  • Internal tension


Things Enneagram 9w8 Types should seek

Core desire: The core desire for Type 9w8s is peace with themselves and the world.

  • Stability
  • Internally balanced
  • Routine

Type 9w8 Strengths and Weaknesses

A list of the main Type 9w8 strengths and weaknesses

Every Enneagram type, even types with wings such as 9w8, has strengths and weaknesses. These are personality traits that help and others that hinder.

Info Table
Type 9w8 Strengths Type 9w8 Weaknesses
Motivating Contradicting
Assertive Avoid difficult problems or situations
Ability to see multiple perspectives Minimize or ignore their emotions
Encouraging and supporting of their peers Stubborn
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One of the great things about a type 9w8 is how often they are encouraging others within the workplace. They assert themselves more to be in leadership positions, but this also puts them in contradicting situations because 9w8s still have a large fear of conflict. They tend to minimize their emotions or simply ignore them all together in order to stay focused and keep the peace.

Data: Distribution Between Core Type 9 vs Type 9w8 vs Type 9w1

Is one wing type more common than the other?

Most Type 9s do not exhibit wing traits significantly enough to say they have a wing. When this happens we say they are a 'core' Type 9. We see below that Type 9w8 is very rare.

Figure 1: Type 9 vs Type 9w8 vs Type 9w1


What this chart shows

This chart shows that 93.6% of Type 9s do not have a wing type, in other words they are 'core' Type 9s. We see that just 0.3% of Type 9s are 9w8 and 6.0% are 9w1. This shows that there is little overlap of traits between Type 9 and Type 8.

  • 1. n=27985
  • 2. Population: global
  • 3. Dataset last updated:

Type 9w8 Career Choices

What are some of the common career choices for an Enneagram 9w8?

Being Peacemakers, type 9s generally prefer careers that move at a slower pace and thrive in an environment when they are able to help someone else. Type 9w8s thrive in the same environments, but bring more assertiveness and confidence to their positions.

Career choices

  • green tick Therapist
  • green tick Veterinarian
  • green tick Social Worker
  • red cross Sales
  • red cross Recruitment
  • red cross Technician
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Understandably, this career list is not prescriptive. There will be many Enneagram Type 9w8 careers that are successful and in the 'not recommended' sectors.

Famous People With Type 9w8

Which famous people are Enneagram Type 9w8?

These famous individuals have the personality Type 9w8. Are you also 9w8? Do you recognize any personality similarities you can relate to?

person icon

Billie Eilish

American singer and songwriter

person icon

Keanu Reeves

Canadian actor

person icon

Kylie Jenner

American model

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Barbadian singer, actress, designer and businesswoman

person icon

Megan Fox

American Actress

person icon

Lionel Messi

Professional Argentinian football player

person icon

Scarlett Johansson

American Actress


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Have we missed anyone?

Our research is always ongoing so please let us know if you think we've missed a noteworthy Type 9w8 worth highlighting.


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Chloe Yarwood, MSc

University of Chichester, Advanced Applied Psychology

Chloe Yarwood, MSc in Advanced Applied Psychology from University of Chichester. Specialist in personality type theory and developing valid personality questionnaires.