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INTP Famous People and Characters

There are many INTP famous people across the world. From famous INTP celebrities to INTP characters and politicians. Here we will discuss a few of them.

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INTP Actors

You could be forgiven for thinking all actors must be extraverts due to the confidence they often display, but there are many actors who are INTPs.
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Meryl Streep

Meryl is a quiet person who sits back and prefers to observe. Like most INTPs, she doesn't talk a lot, but when she does, what she says is important.

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Aubrey Plaza

This actress is famous for playing stone faced, emotionless characters. Many of her costars have stated that this is far from her real personality. By all accounts she is the life of the party among her closest friends, though she is more reserved with people she doesn't know well.

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Rowan Atkinson

The goofy face of the character Mr. Bean actually has a master's in electrical engineering. When that career stopped being fulfilling, he decided he’d share his hidden, funny side with the world.

Other mentions: Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars), Christopher Walken (True Romance), and Stephen Fry (A Fish Called Wanda).

INTP Musicians

INTPs are naturally analytical and perceptive. These traits often lends themselves to more scientific professions, but these skills can also be useful for creativity and entertaining.
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Charlotte Gainsbourg

The reclusive singer has mentioned not enjoying the company of too many people. She prefers to keep her celebrations much smaller so that she doesn't get overwhelmed.

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Neil Peart

Known as a more reserved rock and roll star, Neil was known for being an incredibly intelligent man. He prioritized his technical drumming abilities and even earned the nickname “The Professor.”

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Frank Zappa

The American music legend was an experimental artist for most of his career. INTPs do not like conforming to the norm and Frank was no different. He enjoyed pushing music to its limits and loved inventing new techniques. When Frank Zappa spoke against censorship of profanity, he argued that the most important thing in life was not to interfere with the lives of others. He pointed out that strong words could be used to make a point more efficiently and said that people should not be afraid of them.

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Matt Bellamy

The musician behind the band Muse is well known for incorporating technology into his art. He is known for being a genius composer with a very deep knowledge and appreciation for technology.

Other mentions: Jack White (The White Stripes), Lou Reed (The Velvet Underground), George Harrison (The Beatles), David Byrne, and DeAnne Smith.

INTP Authors

INTPs as intuitive introverts combined with their perception leads them to create great works of fiction from their observation of the world and inward thinking.
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Stephen King

A famous American author who began writing at a young age and selling the stories to friends in school. He has since gone on to publish over 50 books. It was, Carrie, his fourth novel, which was accepted by Doubleday and published. This book was King's first major success and was produced into a film in 1973, also a triumphant success. His move to Colorado resulted in one of his next most famous novels, the Shining, being written and published. King eventually began teaching Creative Writing at the University of Maine, the same one he'd studied at in 1966 and met his wife, Tabitha Spruce. King's success has continued since with Stand By me, The Body, and The Shawshank Redemption being turned into very successful films too.

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Andy Weir

This famous science fiction author was well known for using his work to address uncomfortable questions. His stories were often frank criticisms of the world. He used his writings to hold a mirror up and force society to look at uncomfortable truths.

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Terry Pratchett

Terry was known for his biting, witty humor. The worlds he creates are clever, logical and even have strict rules and laws in place that must be followed. He is a master of the fantastical and the logical.

Other mentions: Hannah Arendt, John Locke, René Descartes, and John le Carre.

INTP Scientists

INTPs are typically more cerebral than athletic, but with their strategic and obsessive drive they can set goals of becoming one of the best in their chosen scientific pursuit.
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Charles Darwin

Darwin was a quick witted scientist who craved knowledge. He was not satisfied with the current body of knowledge regarding the development of species, so embarked on research from his own observations.

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Albert Einstein

Einstein was known for being an introvert, but his close friends also knew how much he could come alive when it came to the things he was passionate about. He loved sharing his knowledge with the world, like most INTPs.

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Marie Curie

This Polish-French scientist discovered the basics of radiation. She was quiet and reserved, but had a deep thirst for knowledge. Her love of asking questions helped earn her the 1903 Nobel Peace Prize in Physics.

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Jean Piaget

Jean was the person who developed modern theories on child development. He looked at children from a more practical view and that practicality helped develop the study of childhood developmental milestones.

Other mentions: Paul Dirac, Galileo Galilei, Alexander Fleming, and Henri Poincare, and Richard Dawkins.

INTP Fictional Characters

INTPs are success-orientated and driven. This lends itself to stereotypes of criminal masterminds and ruthless leaders. There are many examples in fiction, including these below.
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Alice Pleasance Liddell

The entire story of Alice in Wonderland is a fever dream. People have speculated that the story is only happening in her mind and this is indicative of an INTP personality type. They are productive day dreamers who retreat into their own minds a lot, especially as children.

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Spencer Reid

This lover of knowledge, from the TV series Criminal Minds, is constantly trying to learn more and more about his field. His problem-solving abilities combine his unique thirst for knowledge as well as his analytical mind. He lets the evidence lead him instead of running off gut instinct

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Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy, from the TV series The Big Bang Theory, is an introverted neurologist. She gets along with many of the people who others find difficult, namely Sheldon. This is because she understands Sheldon's need to operate on facts. She finds it easier to rely on her academic intelligence rather than her emotional intelligence. She is blunt, but she's always there when anyone needs her and will do her best to solve their problems.

Other mentions: Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Neo (The Matrix), L (Deathnote), and Milo James Thatch (Atlantis).


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Ellie Simmonds, MSc

University of Bath, Psychology

Ellie Simmonds, MSc in Psychology from University of Bath. Ellie is an associate lecturer on psychometric assessments and has extensive knowledge of the 16-type model.