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ESTJ Famous People and Characters

There are many ESTJ famous people across the world. From famous ESTJ celebrities to ESTJ characters and politicians. Here we will discuss a few of them.

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ESTJ Actors

ESTJs might not be the typical persona one would assume naturally suits acting. However, they are often charming and somewhat mysterious - qualities that are highly valued in the world of Hollywood.
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Lucy Liu

Primetime Emmy nominee; quoted as having said that she respects directness and resents ‘beating around the bush’ and unnecessary pleasantries.

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Alec Baldwin

Actor and political activist with a rich acting career. Best known for his critically-acclaimed role as the stiff and unintentionally comedic Jack Donaghy in Tina Fey's ‘30 Rock’.

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Courtney Cox

Member of the original cast of the world-famous sitcom ‘Friends’. She is “upbeat and plain-speaking”.

Other mentions: Jenny McCarthy, Emma Watson, Brendan Fraser, Bruce Willis, and Daniel Craig.

ESTJ Royalty

In modern times, monarchies have a largely symbolic role with little political power. They are principally regarded as preserving and embellishing the traditions of their respective countries.
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King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands

Reigning king of the Netherlands and an advocate for Dutch cultural norms. He demonstrated a dedication to work and abstinence from excessive pleasures.

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Queen Elizabeth I

Adamant protestant and the ruler of the Golden Age; her famous motto was “I see and keep silent”.

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Queen Letizia of Spain

Former news anchor and reigning Queen of Spain. Another figurehead with strong convictions ideas right and wrong.

Other mentions: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Prince Andrew; Duke of York, Juan Carlos I of Spain, and Anne; Princess Royal of the United Kingdom.

ESTJ Business Leaders

ESTJs feel most at home in highly structured corporate settings with clear hierarchies which place a spotlight on their managerial skills.
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Henry Ford

A business magnate and staunch pacifist who believed that consumerism is one of the most tangible paths towards global peace. Hard-working and a strong believer in process, to the benefit of his great success.

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Martha Stewart

Retail businesswoman and talk show host with one of the most diverse business repertoires ranging from brand merchandise to e-commerce.

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Ivanka Trump

Part-time political advisor and full-time executive of a clothes and jewelry line. Reportedly cares a lot about how people perceive her, which is typical of ESTJs. Note her father Donald Trump is an ESTP.

Other mentions: Steve Ballmer, Alan Sugar, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos.

ESTJ Politicians

Ideals of order, stability, and security take center-stage in both the world of politics and the lives of ESTJs. It comes as no surprise that some of the most notable politicians of the past couple of centuries have been ESTJs.
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Alexander Lukashenko

President of Belarus since 1994 ruling over the country infamously dubbed as 'Europe's last dictatorship.' Lukashenko began a military career as a border guard in 1975 and began involvement with the Young Communist League when in Mogilev. His military career spanned only seven years before he held a position running a collective farm, eventually accusing in 1994, Stanislav Shuskevich, the then president of Belarus of corruption, after which Shuskevich resigned and a new election took place. Lukashenko secured the largest share of the votes by a large margin in the first round and received a substantial majority in the second round. He has been the president od Belarus ever since.

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George Washington

One of the architects of the moral and political foundations of American society. Typical for an ESTJ, he was principled and preferred to think in terms of black-and white rather than shades of grey.

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Kamala Harris

A seasoned politician; former District Attorney of California, and the first woman to hold the office of the Vice President of the United States.

Other mentions: Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama, and Tony Blair.

ESTJ Fictional Characters

With a couple of exceptions, ESTJs in popular culture are usually, and unrightfully, portrayed either as punitive authoritarians or as rigid but principled leaders.
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Princess Carolyn (BoJack Horseman)

A warm and caring figure in the fictional world of Bojack Horseman. She is a workaholic with a fast-paced life that she feels ambivalent about most of the time.

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Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter Series)

Interim headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An authoritarian figure with misplaced principles, committed to preserving the status quo at all cost.

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Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Stiff and eerily calculating, the antagonist in the movie franchise The Matrix and Neo's archenemy.

Other mentions: Captain Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean), Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo), Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants), Lucas Sinclair (Stranger Things), and Pogo (The Umbrella Academy).


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